Unwanted pests that infest buildings and surrounding areas can pose serious risks to the health and safety of occupants. If you recognize these unexpected “invaders” we can solve your pest control problems quickly, safety and environmentally frendly way.

Acronym word from RodentInsectaToxicum: RODINSTOX.

Rodent: Rat/mouse/marten
Insecta: Pest/Insect/Bug
Toxicum: Pesticide

Rodinstox Pest Control offers efficient, discreet and emergency pest control services in Budapest for commercial properties and homes.

We treat all infestations quickly because pests can transmit infectious diseases, contaminate food and water supplies, cause damage to your property and increase the maintenance bills.

Experienced pest controllers deal with a wide range of common pests, including rats, wasps, birds, and bed bugs. If you want to get rid of them, you can call us for help!